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Cross stitch Blogs. List of 59 best Blogs

Source: https://blog.feedspot.com/crossstitch_blogs/



Cross Stitch Blogs

https://www.reddit.com/r/CrossStitch/ Cross stitch community - patterns, discussion, giveaways, and more!
https://www.needlenthread.com/ 75 How-to Videos. 75 Embroidery Stitch videos to help you learn
Cross-Stitch Craft Gossip  
https://cross-stitch.craftgossip.com/ Cross-Stitch patterns, reviews, techniques and ideas by our expert Cross-Stitch editor
Subversive Cross Stitch  
http://subversivecrossstitch.com/blog/ The original source of cross stitch samplers with updated snarky sentiments. Kits, PDF patterns, supplies and inspiration, since 2003.
Clouds Factory  
https://cloudsfactory.net/blog/ Contemporary cross-stitch patterns for real fans
Lord Libidan  
https://lordlibidan.com/ Stitch video games and contemporary cross stitch
Smalltown N' Stitchin'  
https://smalltownstitchin.blogspot.com/ This blog by Sandy: a little diary that not only shares adorable cross stitch samplers and other designs, but also little forays into gardening, home canning and genealogy. A great find for any home loving haberdashery enthusiast.
The Twisted Stitcher  
https://thetwistedstitcher.blogspot.com/ Vonna Pfeiffer.An avid cross stitcher and I adore sharing my enthusiasm and love of stitching!
Tangle Thread Stitching  
http://tangledthreadsstitching.blogspot.com/ Tangled Threads
Stitching Corner  
http://stitchingcorner.com/ A little piece of cross stitch heaven. Free cross stitch patterns
Little Thread Crafts  
http://littlethreadcrafts.com/ Little Thread Crafts wants to be a place of learning, a “center of an industry,” a place of learning where communities or schools can use this blog as a resource to teach cross-stitch
Lizzie Kate Blog  
http://lizziekateblog.blogspot.com/ Lizzie*Kate is a cross stitch design business that began in 1996.
Kiwi Stitching  
http://kiwistitching.blogspot.com/ Kiwi Stitching. Katrina’s regular sharings include plenty of seasonal projects and wonderful haberdashery discoveries, along with a lovingly heartfelt collections.
Happines is Cross Stitching  
https://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com/ Run by Lynn. All types of crafts including cross stitch, crochet, knitting, dressmaking, polymer clay, card making, in fact as many types of crafts that I can get my hands on! She offers many free cross stitch patterns to download
Frances Johnson Designs  
http://www.francesljohnsondesigns.com/blog Frances L. Johnson is a designer specializing in Hawaiian designs for counted cross stitch.
My Time Stitching  
https://mytimestitching.com/ My Time Stitching. Cross stitch. Knitted cowl. Knitted Shawl. Knitting. Mermaids. Mirabilia. Sampler. Shannon Christine designs
Cross Stitch Fun  
http://crossstitchitsfun.blogspot.com/ Cross Stitch It's Fun Blog
I Stitchaholic  
http://istitchaholic.blogspot.com/ Fantastic blog full of patterns, tutorials, and stitch alongs.
Conie Gee Designas  
http://www.conniegeedesigns.com/blog Free Cross Stitch Patterns and more from Connie G. Barwick
The World In Stitches  
https://theworldinstitches.tumblr.com/ All about Cross Stitch
http://lpanne.tumblr.com/ I design cross-stitch patterns based on my nerdy interests. The only rules for using my patterns are that you credit me if you post a picture of something you’ve made, and don’t sell anything made from my patterns.
Thread Work Primitives  
http://threadworkprimitives.blogspot.com/ Nan Lewis, Cross Stitch Designer. Original prim designs
Stitching Dream  
https://stitchingdream.blogspot.com/ Stitching blog by Carol. I love getting to know fellow cross stitchers from around the world, discovering new stitching blogs, and being inspired by your work.
Avery Claire  
https://averyclaire.org/ I have a small finishing business where I take other people’s cross-stitch and embroidery and finish it into something beautiful. I love the creative process in this. I also am willing to teach others to finish their own work.
Cross Stitch The Gearys  
http://www.cross-stitch.the-gearys.com/ Pat's Cross Stitch Corner.
Ethan's Embroidery  
http://ethansembroidery.tumblr.com/ Ethan's embroidery
Justine's Cross Stitch  
https://justinescrossstitch.blogspot.com/ Justine has been stitching for over 25 years. Discovered stitching blogs in 2013 and never looked back!
Red Bear Design  
http://redbeardesign.tumblr.com/ Modern, cute, funny Cross Stitch Patterns & KITs inspire by happy, love and passion
Camp Cross Stitch  
http://campcrossstitch.com/Stitch/blog/ Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Patterns and Kits, original Camping Cross Stitch designs, Home is by the Campfire, RV, 5th Wheel, Pop-Up, Smores, National Parks and more!
Hooks And Chains  
https://hooksandchains.tumblr.com/ Eclectic craft blog. Mostly crochet and cross stitch but also embroidery, knitting, sewing, etc.
Cross Stitch The Line  
https://crossstitchtheline.tumblr.com/ Modern cross stitch design
House Of Miranda  
https://houseofmiranda.tumblr.com/ One of a kind, bad ass cross stitch. House of Miranda on Etsy.
http://ringcat.tumblr.com/ 37 year old girl, creative, geeky and alternative. Living in my apartment wit my two cat that I adore. Posting my own creative experiments. At the moment foccusing on cross stitch.
Free X Stitch  
https://www.freexstitch.com/ Finding the best free patterns on the web for you
Beths Basic Stitch  
http://bethsbasicstitch.tumblr.com/ A collection of my cross-stitching projects and experiments.
Ankes Needlework  
http://ankes-needleworks.tumblr.com/ Addicted to cross stitching.
Badass Cross Stitch  
http://badasscrossstitch.tumblr.com/ Shannon Downey Chicago fiber artist who sees in pixels plays w/ needles. Helping crafty people get more analog in their digital.
My Southern Porch  
https://mysouthernporch.blogspot.com/ A blog on crossstitch by Laura.
Reading Stitching  
http://reading--stitching.blogspot.com/ Just a small spot in the world where I share my love of Reading and Cross Stitching. Run by Vickie.
X Stitch Librarian  
http://xstitchlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Kerrie's Blog. She has been cross-stitching for over 20 years and she is a truly an addict. Cross stitch projects but occasionally other stuff may pop up.
Garden Grumble And Cross Stitch Fumbles  
http://gardengrumblesandcrossstitchfumbles.blogspot.com/ Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch fumbles
Cross Stitch Kits  
http://crossstitchkits.tumblr.com/ Counted Cross Stitch Blog
Cross Stitches and cut bitches  
https://crossstitchesandcutbitches.tumblr.com/ Cross Stitch like a bitch
Obsessive Cross Stitcher  
http://obsessivecrossstitcher.blogspot.com/ Obsesive Cross Stitcher
Crafting Paws  
http://craftingpaws.tumblr.com/ Cross Stitch Addict, Herder of Cats, Doggie Momma, Lover of Cute Things and Flowers
Spazin Stitches  
http://spazinstitches.tumblr.com/ The cross stitche sideblog of ohthestoriesitell. This blog will be updated sporadically as I’ll go long stretches of stitching and then longer stretches of not. 
Alpaca Stitch  
https://alpaca-stitch.tumblr.com/ Cross Stitch Progress. Aubreebree patterns are not mine unless claimed as such
Fan GIrl Stitches  
https://fangirlstitches.tumblr.com/ Fangirls stitches
Mahty Sphrere  
https://mathysphere.tumblr.com/ Math & Science Cross Stitch
Ribbon Forest  
http://ribbonforest.tumblr.com/ Ribbon Forest Shop!  Bright and colorful resin jewelry, cross stitch pieces, clay figurines, and felt crafts by Becca! My Crafts
Fall Boat Stitches  
https://fail-boat-stitches.tumblr.com/ A place for me to showcase works in progress and finished projects
Craft With Cartwright  
https://craftcartwright.tumblr.com/ Craft with Cartwright
http://avroracs.tumblr.com/ Avrora Cross Stitch
Carefree Foodie  
http://carefree-foodie-tia.tumblr.com/ Foodie. Cross stitcher. Really confused student. That is all.
Liz Stitches  
https://lizstitches.tumblr.com/ Liz Stitches
Knot Your Average Blog  
http://knotyouraverageblog.tumblr.com/ Knot Your Average Blog
Erins Stitching Portfolio  
https://erins-stitching-portfolio.tumblr.com/ Erins Stitching Portfolio
Screaming Feline  
http://screamingfeline.tumblr.com/ Drawings and Cross Stitch
Meow Stitch  
https://meowstitch.tumblr.com/ Meowstitch
Just Add Awesome  
http://justaddawesome.tumblr.com/ Crocheter, tea-drinker, cross-stitcher, connoisseur of all things geeky.