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Welcome to MyStitchWorld.com. Cross Stitch Distributors

Cross stitch fabrics. Aida. Hardanger. Linen. Lugana. Evenweave. Charles Crafts. DMC

Cross stitch fabrics

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Available Styles of Fabric
Afghan Fabric:

Alphabet Afghans, Anne Cloth Afghan by Zweigart, and much more!


100% cotton Aida. From Charles Craft, Fabric Flair, MCG Textiles, Wichelt, and Zweigart.

Aida - Country French:

100% cotton 14 Ct. Country French Soft Touch Aida. A very soft, flexible Aida.

Aida - DMC:

DMC Aida Fabric. 14 count. 14" x 18".

Aida - Jobelan:

51% Cotton &
49% Rayon/Modal blend. 14 count.

Aida - Linen:

Linen Aida Fabric offers the rustic
charm of Linen with the stitching ease of 14 count Aida.

Aida - Picture This Plus:

14, 16, and 18 Count Hand Dyed Aida. Available in 5 sizes.

Aida - Yorkshire:

96% Cotton, 4% Polyester. 14 stitch count. Has a heather look, ideal for country and rustic style designs. Available in 1 yard (43" x 36"), 1/2 yard (21" x 36"), 1/4 yard (18" x 21") and 1/8 yard (10" x 18").


22 Count Fine Ariosa. 37% rayon/63% cotton, 55" wide, 22 stitch count. Nice slubby look.
Ideal for napkins, placemats, pillows, pictures and clothing.

Banding - Cotton:

100% cotton stitchband. Available in various counts, colors, and styles.

Banding - Linen:

100% linen stitchband from Wichelt. Available in various counts, colors
and styles.

Canvas - Deluxe Mono:

The perfect fabric for your needlepoint projects! 100% cotton.

Congress Cloth:

The perfect fabric for your needlepoint projects! 24 Ct - 100% cotton. DMC Water Soluble Canvas:
An innovative waste canvas that dissolves when soaked in water!


18 Count, 100% Cotton, 55 inches wide, from Wichelt Imports

Embroidery Fabric:

300 Thread count, 100% natural long staple Indian cotton. Ideal for baby bedding,
pillows and more.

Evenweave - Fabric Flair:

50% cotton/50% rayon evenweave fabric from Fabric Flair.

Evenweave - MCG Textiles:

100% cotton evenweave fabric that is great for finely detailed cross stitch
and embroidery projects. 28 Count.

Felted Wool Fabric - Weeks Dye Works:

100% hand dyed wool fabric. It is colorfast, felted and great for wool applique,
penny rugs, rug hooking, pillows, purses, clothing and the finishing of cross
stitch and needlepoint pieces.

Fiddlers Cloth:

A very popular Aida with a homespun country look. A blend of 50% Cotton,
42% Polyester, and 8% Linen.


70% rayon, 30% linen, 55" wide. Available in 14, 18, and 25 Count.


22 Ct. Hardanger from Wichelt Imports and Charles Craft. 100% cotton.


100% Polyacrylic Fabric with flecks. Available in 10 Count, 16 Count,
and 26 Count. From Wichelt Imports.


52% Cotton, 48% Rayon, 55" wide, 28 stitch count. (Zweigart #3626). An easy
and soft fabric to work with - similar to Lugana. Available in 5 sizes.


From Wichelt Imports. 51% Cotton & 49% Rayon/Modal blend.

Jobelan - Hand Dyed:

28 Ct. and 32 Ct. Hand Dyed Jobelan from Wichelt Imports. 51% Cotton and 49% Rayon/Modal.


7 Count Fabric, 60% Rayon/40% Cotton, from Wichelt Imports.


27 Count Fabric, 100% cotton, 55 inches wide.


100% linen from Wichelt, Zweigart, and Fabric Flair.

Linen - Belfast:

100% Linen, 32 Stitch Ct. Available in 5 sizes.

Linen - Belfast by Picture This Plus:

32 Ct. hand dyed Belfast Linen by Picture This Plus. Available in 5 sizes.

Linen - Betsy Ross:

10 Count Fabric, 100% Linen, from Wichelt Imports.

Linen - Burlap:

The look of Burlap with the fabulous feel of linen. 18 Count linen burlap.

Linen - Carolina:

Elegant evenweave fabric which combines the quality of the finest cotton with the
characteristics of linen. 80% Cotton, 20% linen; made in the USA. Has a nice feel.
The 14ct is woven like aida. 15" x 18". By Charles Craft.

Linen - Cashel:

100% Linen, 28 stitch Count. Available in 5 sizes.

Linen - Cashel by Picture This Plus:

28 Count hand dyed Cashel Linen by Picture This Plus. Available in 5 sizes.

Linen - Cork:

100% Linen by Zweigart - 20 Count.

Linen - Country French:

100% linen, 28 ct., very soft.

Linen - Crossed Wing Collection:

Hand painted 28 Count 100% Permin Linen from Crossed Wing Collection.

Linen - Dublin:

100% linen. 25 stitch count. Woven from the finest quality flax. Excellent for
cross stitching and drawn work. Available in 1 yard (36" x 55"), 1/2 yard (36" x 27")
and 1/4 yard (27" x 18") lengths.

Linen - Edinburgh:

100% Pure Linen by Zweigart. 36 Count. Available in 5 sizes.

Linen - Edinburgh by Picture This Plus:

100% 36 Ct. hand dyed Edinburgh Linen by Picture This Plus.

Linen - Hand Dyed:

100% Hand Dyed Linen by Wichelt Imports. 28 and 32 Ct.

Linen - Lakeside Linens:

100% linen. A beautiful hand dyed and washable fabric available in a variety of
counts and colors. Lakeside linens are available in both "Regular" and "Vintage".
The Regular version has minimal shading while the Vintage is more distressed.
With the Vintage version there may be color separation due to the different
properties of each dye used. As each piece of vintage is unique, the image should
only be considered representative of what you will receive.

Linen - Mallow:

51% linen, 49% cotton blend by Zweigart. Available in 40 ct.

Linen - Newcastle:

100% fine Linen from Zweigart. Available in 40 ct.

Linen - Newcastle by Picture This Plus:

100% 40 Ct. hand dyed Newcastle Linen by Picture This Plus.

Linen - Northern Cross:

100% high quality linen imported from Belgium.

Linen - R&R Reproductions:

100% linen from R&R Reproductions.

Linen - Weeks Dye Works:

Weeks Dye Works hand dyed, 100% linen fabric is colorfast and great for a
variety of cross-stitch and embroidery projects. Available in 20, 28, 30, 35,
and 40 Count.


Lugana: 52% cotton, 48% viscose, 25, 28, and 32 Count. An easy care fabric that
is also easy to work with. Available in 5 sizes.

Lugana - Crossed Wing Collection:

Hand Painted 28 Count Lugana from Crossed Wing Collection.

Lugana - Picture This Plus:

28 and 32 Count hand dyed Lugana. Available in 5 sizes.


Experience the elegance of linen with the ease of use and durability of
100% cotton. 28 Stitch Count.

Needlepoint Canvas - Interlock:

100% combed cotton Needlepoint Interlock Canvas.

Quaker Cloth:

55% linen, 45% cotton, 55 inches wide. From Wichelt Imports.

Stitchable Cork:

Unique, soft cork fabric by Charles Craft designed for handwork but can
also be stitched easily on a machine to make eyeglass cases, pocketbooks
and more.
Table Toppers - Rico Designs


10 Count Fabric, 60% Rayon/40% Cotton, from Wichelt Imports.<

Vinyl Weave:

Vinyl weave is used to make inserts for mugs, sippers, steins, key chains, etc.
Can also be used in any project that requires a strong and durable finish. 13 Count.

Waste Canvas:

This is the fabric to use when you want to put a design on a sweatshirt, tshirt,
or other piece of clothing. Baste the waste canvas to the fabric and then stitch
through the canvas. After stitching, simply moisten the fabric and pull out the
waste canvas threads!

Weavers Cloth:

The perfect fabric for your punchneedle projects! Natural Brown Undyed
(variegated) fabric. 62% linen, 38% cotton blend. DMC color equivalent
is 3032/Ecru.




Aida 11
Aida 14

Aida 14 Linen Aida

Aida 14 Printed Fabrics
Aida 14. Stardust

Aida 16

Aida 18
Aida 18 Linen Aida

Aida 20

Aida 20 Linen Aida

Abby Cloth Afghan 18ct
Alphabet Afghan 18ct

Anne Cloth Afghans 18ct
Baby Afghan 18ct

Baby Alphabet Afghan 18ct

Belfast Linen 32ct
Butterfly Garden Afghan 18ct

Carolina Linen 14ct
Cashel Linen 28ct

Cotton/Linen Evenweave 25ct

Cork Linen 20ct

Davosa 18ct
Diana Pearl Linen 24ct

Dublin Linen 25ct
Edinburgh Linen 36ct

Evenweave Fabric 20,25, 28,32,36

Evenweave Throw 16ct
Fiddler's Cloth 14ct

Fiddler's Lite 14ct

Fine Ariosa 22ct
Floba 18c, 25ct, 32ct

Hardanger 22ct

Hearthside 14ct
Jazlyn 28ct

Lady Elizabeth Afghan 14ct

Linen Aida

Linen 20ct

Linen 25ct
Linen 28ct

Linen 32ct

Linen 36ct

Linen 40ct
Lugana 20
Lugana 25

Lugana 28
Lugana 32

Mallow 40ct
Meldal 56ct
Monaco 28ct

Needlepoint Canvas

Newcastle Linen 40ct
Newport Linen 28ct

Novara Afghan 14ct

Novelty Printed Fabrics
Nursery Time Baby Afghan 14ct

Oktav Afghan 14ct

Opalescent, Silver, Gold Fabrics
R&R Reproductions Hand Dyed Fabr

Receiving Blanket for Baby 18ct

Royal Classic 14ct
Rustico Aida 14ct, 18ct, 20ct

Soluble Canvas 14ct

Tannenbaum Afghan 18ct
Waste Canvas

Yarn Tree Fabrics

Yorkshire Aida 14ct